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.co.zaR89.00R89.00FreeSearch Now
.comR197.00R197.00R197.00Search Now
.netR197.00R197.00R197.00Search Now
.orgR197.00R197.00R197.00Search Now
.durbanR179.00R179.00R179.00Search Now
.joburgR179.00R179.00R179.00Search Now
.capetownR179.00R179.00R179.00Search Now
.infoR159.00R159.00R159.00Search Now
.bizR209.00R209.00R209.00Search Now
.mobiR199.00R199.00R199.00Search Now
.coR459.00R459.00R459.00Search Now
.xyzR29.00R229.00R229.00Search Now
.sa.comR659.00R659.00R659.00Search Now

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Domain FAQ

A domain name is your very own address on the internet. A catchy domain name will help people find your website and remember your brand. A domain name is also a great way of branding your personalised email accounts (e.g.: info@yourawesomedomain.co.za). Having a good, memorable domain will also make it easier for people to find you on Google. May the force be with you when you choose! :-)
Registering a domain is the first step in establishing an online identity for you or your business. Having a good domain name allows you to create a customised website and have professional-looking email addresses. It helps people know that you are serious about growing your brand (both online and in real-life). No more needing to use your gmail or phone directory!
This is really up to you. The rule of thumb is: the more domain names you have, the better your chances are of getting found and succeeding online. Having more than a single domain also helps stop competitors from registering domains that might benefit your brand when they belong to you instead. You can always choose your preferred domain, but make sure you register more than one. An added benefit with MTYsquared is that you can re-direct all the 'extra' domains to your main site so that you create one focal point no matter how clients find you!
With domains the early bird gets the worm. You'll be glad to know that if someone has the domain you were hoping to register there are now hundreds of domain extensions for you to choose from. New geographic domain extensions such as .joburg, .capetown and .durban are available for immediate registration. You can also search for an alternate such as a .com or .org among many others. Our intelligent search will also suggest domain extensions that available to help make it easier for you to find one that works for you. So get searching.
Ofcourse! You can add web hosting or our design packages at anytime you want by either ordering directly through our website or straight from your ClientArea.